(In)Corporation of Sustainability

How fashion retailers use green strategies to expand their businesses

This report examines key aspects of how sustainability is being used in the fashion industry. While environmental concerns once primarily were issues for NGOs and activists, everbody is  now jumping on the new black – green.

The report, accordingly, takes a look on how the green agenda is being incorporated by fashion retailers. The fashion retailers have started to show responsibility for the climate and environment through goal-setting, partaking in initiatives and creating new business models while at the same time using ‘sustainability’ in branding, framing and marketing. However, while the industry focus on their ‘green’ production, problems with mass consumption is put aside. This report examines shortcomings in business strategies and initiatives like Science Based Target initiative and Better Cotton Initiative.

The report also provides an introductory framework for global value chains. A concept which has been used excessively in the day-to-day work in the sector but hold more potential once elaborated on and can show more aspects of the inner workings of the industry.

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