Navigating what can and can’t be said in the world of green claims

Everywhere we look today we see the promotion of products or activities as being “sustainable”, “organic” or “better for the environment”. But using general or unclear claims in the promotion of a product or activity can lead to confusion, and end up misleading the consumer.

This can undermine the genuine efforts of a company actually trying to make positive changes. And what is even worse, is that it can be considered to be greenwashing. Greenwashing is not just bad for the environment or the consumers, it is bad for business and it can be punished by a fine unless a higher penalty is due under other legislation.

To understand how you can become better at communicating your genuine efforts, we have made this publication. The publication is an interactive tool, that allows you to click through the sections relevant to your interests.

September 2022

Due Diligence Duty - positioning paper

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