To become a brand of the future, companies must make it their ambition to have a have a positive impact on the world.

We are on the verge of a new age in business. New legislations from the EU, higher demands from consumers and clients not to mention a climate and biodiversity crisis on the rise means that brands must take responsibility and action to genuinely bring about change. There is an urgent need to change the way business is being done, to prioritize creating a positive impact in the world rather than just selling products.

We have developed a model to guide your business to become a brand of the future, and acquire a “license to operate” in the future textile industry. We call it the 3A’s of transformation.



It is key to make sustainability an integral part of your business. The ambitions need to be rooted in the company’s shareholders, and employees in charge of the transition need to have a clear mandate to pursue the ambition.


Identify the company’s strengths and weaknesses through a holistic assessment approach. Use it to evaluate where your focus needs to be in order to thrive in the changing paradigm of the textile industry.


Amplify your positive impact to ensure relevance of your brand. By expanding your focus beyond your own company, you become a driver for moving the industry as a whole – and thereby a brand of the future.

Would you like to go deeper into our 3A’s of transformation? We can send you a short PDF describing the model.

We assist your brand, on it’s journey to become a brand of the future.

We have developed a workshop that in two modules assess and develop your business following the 6As of transition. 


A 360 degrees screening of your business. Covering the central areas of the company and your work with resources depletion, impact and sustainability.

Through this assessment we identify your greatest strengths and potentials for improvement that you should strategically pursue in the years to come.

The assessment forms the foundation of the workshop and your strategy in terms of sustainability actions.


A ½-day workshop for the leading managers or specific departments, where we unfold and dive into the results of the assessment. 

Depending on the strengths and potentials identified in the screening, we work specifically with how to develop or reinforce you strategy following the 3A model. 

The workshop will also touch upon crucial topics such as tending impacts in the industry, planetary boundaries and coming regulations from the EU. 

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